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About Us

Real Listings Pty Ltd (“Real Listings”) provides an online network of industry specific property portals.

The industry is demanding property listings to be categorised into respective niche categories, maximising the search relevance for the end user. Stop looking for a medical suite only to find numerous office space listings or a retail opportunity lost in the mass of other commercial properties. Our network of portals, such as and will ensure you find what you’re looking for a lot faster saving you real time.

Listing a property online for sale or lease does not need to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month. Real Listings provides a real solution and real value. Listings start at just $66 until sold or leased! Whether your property takes 1 month or 6 months to sell, we do not charge you more.

We also offer subscription plans to accommodate multiple listings and agencies with offices around Australia. Our plans cater for offices with a few listings a month to hundreds of listings nationwide. All our plans are highly competitive ensuring significant savings in your online marketing budget. Simply contact us for further information or call 1300 769 719.

We look forward to reshaping and improving the online property listing industry with you.